Difference between EdD vs PhD in Education.

April 2020, 21

The crossroads after obtaining your Master’s would have multiple options. But the most popular of them would be the choice between EdD and PhD. EdD stands for Doctor of Education meanwhile PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) stands for a PhD in Education.


Although it might sound pretty similar, they are, in fact, quite different. Whilst PhD, arguably the popular choice amongst the two, is a more of a research oriented degree, the EdD is a professional doctorate for educators who wants to bring about a change in their organisation unlike the PhD’s who focuses more on the subject and its concepts.

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While both the degrees focus on higher levels of education, EdD is for people who want to further ‘education systems’ meanwhile PhD is for those who want to learn about subjects and more importantly, to teach. Due to this difference, there will also be significant changes in the curriculum of each of these. Evidently, in EdD you’ll be focusing on solving problems that arise within the system of education whilst in the case of PhD it is teaching, research and internships regarding the subject or area on which you’re researching in. Infact, you should also read blog on is master's compulsory for PhD or not?

This kind of difference extends to career options as well. With a PhD you are someone who has command over pretty much all aspects of your specialisation. This makes you fit for jobs like being a professor or researcher. That too on a collegiate level. Meanwhile with an EdD you would be on a leadership track as compared to the knowledge oriented PhD. Some of the posts available include, but not restricted to, Administrative Leadership, Literacy Officials etc. 

But whatever be the path you take, it would involve intense research and work that need to be put into it. The advantage is that, with either, you can be a researcher. One might in the very heart of education meanwhile one would deal with the contents of education. Choosing one of these might be difficult for people who are uncertain as to what they want. But one should evaluate their strengths before deciding on a track. 

At the end of the day, both deals with education and education is the backbone upon which a society strives to improve.

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