Highest Paying Cities in the US.

April 2020, 21

People from all over the world flock towards the United States of America. It is for good reason too. As the world’s leading authority in terms of opportunities, may it be education, jobs or a better life, America is the place to be. As such, each state offers something different. Depending on what field you wanna work in, the opportunities vary throughout the country. But we can set some basic parameters and decide what would be best places to live in if you want to make a lot of money or you want the top US colleges.

1. San Jose, California.

With a median annual salary of $75770, San Jose got suburban neighborhoods, tech campuses and rising business markets. Many large private sector companies come fish in these towns as there are Ivy league universities nearby. 

2. San Francisco, California.

There’s never a shortage for jobs in the sprawling city of San Francisco. With the median annual salary staying at $64990, San Francisco is a tech hub and in recent years the business sector has been creeping up and now, it is home to over 30 international financial companies.

3. Washington, DC.

Named after a renowned political figure, it is not a surprise to know that Washington DC is home to not just business ventures but also a thriving ground for anyone who wishes to pursue political ventures. With the median annual salary at $64930, it can be considered an equal to San Francisco.

4. Boston, Massachusetts.

The Red Sox Country, Boston got the median salary at $60540. With excellent universities and business opportunities, it definitely earns its spot in the list.

5. New York City, New York.

The city that never sleeps. The convergence of all kinds of people, from all nations, New York is the most popular city in the entire world. With its median salary at $59060 NYC is the economical capital of the world, house to a dozen of Fortune 500 companies.

That would be the top 5 in the list of all the hundreds of cities in the country. But these 5 boasts themselves with their opportunities whether it be business, education, politics or even mediocre placements. You may also search for other opportunities offered by Finland, USA, Canada. Although they didn’t make it to the five, these 6 cities also provide excellent opportunities. Together they make the top 11 list.

6. Seattle, Washington.

7. Hartford, Connecticut.

8. New Haven, Connecticut.

9. Denver, Colorado.

10. San Diego, California.

11. Los Angeles, California.