Winning the Admission to Business Schools

April 2020, 21

Business is agreeably one of the most well sought out fields in terms of jobs as well as research. It is due to these reasons that the competition to get into business schools and thereby committing an error in the application process can be pretty harsh as well. The competition is fierce and succeeding is a challenge. Hence some of the most important tips and things to be kept when aiming for Business Schools are discussed henceforth.

1. Every second lost decreases your success rate-

Start preparing early. Nothing beats early preparation. Create timelines and stick to it. Take a note of all the deadlines of the entrance exams and plan out the whole registration to exam to admission period and follow it. This will help you prioritize time way better than if you’re keeping it for the next day. You’re going to spend two years in the institute you choose, so choose it wisely.

2. Take GMAT anyway-

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. You might be focusing on CAT’s but your GMAT scores are still valid assessment. Infact, you may use free resources. Having a good score on your resume is definitely a plus point. Besides it is an opportunity to check where you stand amongst the multitude of students who take these exams every year. Learn about an attempt!

3. Expose Yourself-

Whether it be current students, alumni or professors, get to know how everything works from people who are actually there. Get to know them and get all your doubts cleared. If you want to know the pros and cons of the institute you want to go or is looking forward to, then the best option are the current or past students. Knowing about everything that happens there helps you prepare for it better, mentally and emotionally.

4. Be Yourself-

For an experienced interview board, they can definitely judge your authenticity within a span of few moments. So when you’re partaking in discussions or debates, be yourself. Prove to them that the person that is you is eligible and worth the position they are about to grant you. It goes for all written essays and applications as well. Being genuine can go a long way.

5. Research-

Business is a vast field. You might be good in a certain aspect and maybe not so great at another. It is important to do research about what kind of position you want. So, make yourself more aware about MBA. Similarly not all schools will be proficient in everything. Some universities would offer better courses for specific fields, or they would be known for a particular course. Researching and discovering what you are good at, and then finding the perfect place to explore that talent and passion is how research works.

6. Get Advice-

Having external advice or consultants for admission and choosing process might prove advantageous. Employing such third party advice or help increases your chances of getting into a prestigious college.