Writing an MBA application is harsh? Here, are the 4 mistakes to be avoided.

April 2020, 21

It is true for every field that an application is a mere reflection of your personality. So it becomes crucial for you as an applicant to avoid these hurdles that are limiting your boundary.

Once you follow this blog from top to bottom, make points of the things you should definitely avoid while completing your MBA application. Trust me, I have been in that position and didn't want you to make the same mistakes that I did. 

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Avoid these mistakes before they knock you!


For your convenience, the blog has been divided into 5 types of MBA application mistakes candidates do:

1. Mistakes did while Research and preparation- We always look for the auspicious time before beginning anything good but here, you don't need it. The time is always auspicious when it comes to your career.

Take time and search for the courses, colleges, placements, exposers, environments of college, etc, don't rush and go to the depth. Make an effort to understand the school and how it fits into your plans.

Your plans should be systematic so that you can work on both aspects i.e. application and entrance exam preparation independently and perform them your best. Make charts/trackers/ google calendar reminders/ etc to manage your application timeline.

Don't leave everything for the last moment search as it messes up things then and there. Your golden opportunity of studying in a B-school may get ruled out because of it.

You may approach students or MBA grads through LinkedIn. It is a great platform to reach out to such persons and ask your queries regarding the college, courses, placements and also about the application processes.

You should also know how the go through Admission in Business Schools easily.

2. Application materials mistakes- Mistakes in Essays, Resume, Recommendations, and Application Form can clearly cut you out of the race within a second. These are the essential component for an MBA application form. Some of the don'ts are mentioned below-

a) Writing the wrong school name on your application materials

b) Copying the application of your friend or essay of one school to another.

c) Not writing an adequate answer to the essays.

d) Leaving the reader to connect the dots.

e) Not focusing on the key results in the resume

f) Inaccurate contact details

g) Not prepping recommenders appropriately

h) Ignoring instructions (e.g. formatting, word limits)

i) Writing draftings.


3. WHY factors- Most of the MBA colleges ask for WHY factors as to why MBA, why this college; and if you fail to answer these WHY, you are in trouble. Don't overstate about why, be consistent on what you are going to write. Before that ask yourself: 

What are the key messages I want to convey and do they come through in each element of my application? Are there any areas where I can remove unnecessary duplication? Is some information unnecessary?

Plus, each element of the application should unify to create a picture of the real you – your accomplishments and ambitions, your potential and your individuality. Don't hang on retelling the same story but write relevant information related to WHY.

To avoid the chaos and whether you have answered them ask a neutral person to read it. They may assist you better and what and where to improve.

4. Typos and factual mistakes- This is the silliest mistake you will ever do. So check twice before submitting your content. This mistake could possibly lead to your application getting rejected based on this oversight alone. Once the reader notices these unavoidable errors, they create a prior image of yours explaining your lack of self-reflection, attention to details and proper strategy.

So, make sure you do avoid the above-mentioned mistakes. To know more about top MBA exam, schools (India and Abroad) and how to crack their interview, read the upcoming blog.