Global Top 10 Universities for Civil Engineering

April 2020, 24


With buildings and structures dominating our landscapes, studying about them is indeed one of the most sought out courses. Thus Civil Engineering is a course where you delve deeper into such matters. A lot of universities across the globe offers courses relating to it but the top universities that offer graduate and undergraduate courses in fields relating to Civil Engineering include,


1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT is the top institute in the world when it comes to engineering. Thus it's no surprise that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is at the top of this list. The Civil and Environmental Engineering wing at the School of Engineering at MIT aims to understand, invent and lead in the said fields.

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2 The National University of Singapore.

The NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering is Asia’s leading university when it comes to higher education after bachelors. Out of all the MSc programmes they offer, Masters of Science in Civil Engineering is one of the most sought out and popular courses.

3 University of California, Berkeley.

The School of Engineering at the University of California, has the Civil and Environmental Engineering department that provides a wide array of courses regarding the subject. It is one of the best programmes for Civil aspirants across the country.

4 Delft University of Technology.

Delft University is the largest and oldest Dutch public technological university. Home to a wide variety of programmes, TU Delft offers amazing Masters programme in a wide spectrum of Civil Engineering courses.A two year regular study programme, it usually commences at late September.

5 University of Cambridge.

The Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge provides various courses for future prospects in Civil Engineering. There are different majors and minors available spread across masters, bachelors and doctorate degrees. 

6 Imperial College, London.

With postgraduate taught and research degrees i.e MSc and PhD respectively, Imperial College of London’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is one of the leading leaders in terms of research, faculties and facilities. With a wide array of PhD and Masters courses, the department offers specialist one year full time courses.

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7 Politecnico de Milano.

The School of Civil, Environmental and Land Management Engineering at the Politecnico Milano provides various masters degrees in fields relating to agricultural sciences. Literally. Depending on the specialization taken the course duration goes from 12- 24 months.

8 ETH Zurich.

ETH Zurich is known for its cutting edge research in science and technology. With innovative courses, majors and workshops, ETH Zurich provides Masters in Civil Engineering with over 5 specialties, a 2 year course with masters thesis and research opportunities.

9 Tsinghua University.

The School of Civil Engineering as Tsinghua University is one of Asia’s finest institutions when it comes to masters and doctoral programs in Civil Engineering. The School consists of 3 departments which are departments of Hydraulic, civil and construction management and they provide admission to students on a yearly basis.

10 Nanyang Technological University.

Nanyang provides undergraduate, graduate, research and doctoral programmes to students worldwide. Known for its facilities, facilities and student friendliness, Nanyang provides a wide variety of majors as well. 

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