MS 101 - Applying for Masters

April 2020, 24


Masters is one of the most popular choices for higher education and a huge percentage of applicants go to colleges abroad as they have higher value of education and better future prospects. As such, there are a lot of general things one needs to keep in mind while searching for colleges abroad, while applying and much more. 

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Before Applying

* Applying for masters is a long and tedious process hence you should start putting together your plans well in advance, which means at least 1-2 years prior which would be the start of the third year in a four year course. 

* Of course part of the task is to shortlist the university which you are applying for and the major/field of research. This part is very important because although a university may be popular, a better course for your specific field will be provided be another university. Thus you should read through the university guidelines, the course details etc before making a final decision.

* Always have a guidance counselor help you. Maybe it's your advisor in college or it may be an outside help. But having a senior, more experienced person helping you out would make your job easier.


* The prerequisite for any country is a language test. If it's US, UK etc depending on the university they’d ask for IELTS or TOEFL. If its countries like Japan, you’ll probably need the corresponding language test score. It's better if you write language tests early on and get the scores ready.

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* GRE is the global standard for masters. GRE should be taken during the end of second year or early third year time because you’ll need time to get scores and then apply for universities. Since the GRE is a prerequisite anyway, its better you start preparing for the exam as soon as you enter undergrad studies.

* Other exams, depending on the university and the nature of the studies you want to pursue will be provided in the respective university websites. The key is to decide what you want early on and preparing and tackling them in a timely basis. Never leave out everything for the eleventh hour. It will be next to impossible to accomplish everything. Planning is the key.


Applying online is the easiest and most popular method for applications process. When applying for Masters the documents that are necessary and ones you should have with you include: 

* Copy of test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, GRE etc)

* Copy of online application form

* Letter/s of Recommendation (LoR)

* Resume 

* Statement of Purpose (SOP)

* Financial documents (if required)

* Certificates (if needed)

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Visa Process

Now, if you’ve got to get to the country you need a visa to travel. Depending on the imigration policy of the country they might require different application processes but the major documents required for a general student visa are:

* Valid Passport

* Proof of Bonafide Student

* Financial Lucidity

* Language Proficiency

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