Top 20 Universities for Agricultural Science in USA

April 2020, 24

The United States of America is one of the most sought out places worldwide for higher education. The reason is also simple as US got numerous top class universities that provide quality education and groundbreaking research. Same goes for Agricultural Science as well. Some of the best institutes for the same are as follows,

1. University of California, Davis 

UCD offers a huge array of majors in various fields. As for agricultural sciences, we have the AEE, or the Agricultural and Environmental Education Major. It’s course objective is to make students aware of the natural and social sciences pertaining to the topic. It goes from basics to advanced and even has specialization courses.

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2. Cornell University

Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences provide top class resources, facilities and technology in the field of agricultural Sciences. A multidisciplinary institute with ongoing research, CALS offers graduate and undergraduate degrees every year. As one of the Ivy League Universities, Cornell’s education is the best.

3.University of California, Berkeley 

UCB is a public research university in Berkeley, California. Among all the colleges in UCB is the College of Natural Resources which has departments that focus on agriculture, including Agriculture and Resource Economics, Environmental Science, Policy and Management etc. A tier one university, it gives more of its courses for undergraduate programs.

4.University of Wisconsin-Madison 

The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a pioneer in the field of research, working across a spectrum of Agricultural matters. They provide research, undergraduate and graduate courses in the same with projects, research assistant ships and much more.  

5.Michigan State University 

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources under the Michigan State University provides over 20 programs in undergraduate degree alone. All these are managed under 4 areas of study which are Agriculture, Built Environments, Human Health and Natural Resources. Thus encompassing all the aspects that make up the agricultural science.

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6.Purdue University 

Although small by comparison, the College of Agriculture of the Purdue University offers over 31 different majors with 54 educational options. It also has remarkable facilities, international learning and research options as well.

7.Iowa State University 

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University provides a wide range of majors involving agriculture, including and not limited to Agricultural Biochemistry, Agricultural Business, Agronomy, Animal Sciences etc.

8.Texas A&M University 

When it comes to Texas A&M University, they’ve got more than one department that is involved with Agriculture Sciences. Two of which are Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications and the Department of Agricultural Economics.

9. Oregon State University

As leaders of Hemp research, Oregon University’s College of Agriculture Studies provides over 40 majors and minors annually in the Agricultural Sciences field. Some of the popular majors are Agricultural Sciences, Bio resource research, Crop and Soil Science etc.

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10.University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences is a multidisciplinary institute that strives to procure solutions for global issues regarding food and agricultural sciences. There are 11 majors provided by the university and the degrees provided includes undergraduate, masters, doctors and much more.

11.North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University academics is split into various colleges. For agricultural science, there are three different colleges. They are College of Agriculture and Human Sciences, College of Agriculture and Resource Economics and Agricultural Institute.

12.Pennsylvania State University

The Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences under the Pennsylvania State University provides undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as a world class research platform. It offers 17 diverse majors you can choose from.

13.University of Florida

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences under the University of Florida prepares the next generation of leaders to tackle challenges related to agriculture, food culture and human well being. 

14. The Ohio State University

The Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering of the Ohio State University focuses on the advancements in the aforementioned fields and how to apply science and engineering into fields like agriculture to expand the horizons of the field. Literally.

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15. University of Minnesota

The College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences offers more than 10 different fields of studies pertaining to nature, agriculture and food sciences. With practical establishments of the studies, University of Minnesota offers an excellent course for anyone pursuing Agricultural Science.

16. Washington State University

The College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resources is one of the largest schools in the Washington State University, providing over 22 majors, 19 minors and 27 graduate programs.

17. Kansas State University

College of Agriculture at the Kansas State University offers over 16 undergraduate majors, 5 minors, 5 certificates and have been cultivating leaders who can notice and effectively tackle problems in the field of agriculture.

18. University of Massachusetts Amherst

The Stockbridge School of Agriculture at University of Massachusetts Amherst provides associate, bachelor and advanced programs that focuses on the sustainable future as they have hands-on, career-focused education in both science and practice.

19. Colorado State University

Colorado State University has its own institute, The College of Agricultural Sciences, to study about food, agriculture and resource management. Their prime focus is one the safety, security and sustainability of food and resource systems.

20. Duke University

Duke University’s Nicholas School of Environment focuses on ecology and toxicology. It offers several majors and minors on how these come to play in fields like agriculture, forestry and marine culture.

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