Tips to be kept in mind while preparing for GRE and GMAT

April 2020, 24

The important tips and tricks while preparation and taking up the tests for GRE and GMAT is listed out in this blog to crack up the required scores for admission in your favorite universities for the desired courses.

Things to be remembered for GRE Preparation

  • Choose your course and university and check for the GRE score requirements and deadlines for submitting scores before preparation. The score requirements helps you to decide the attention levels for all test sections ( Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning).
  • Do a SWOT analysis. Point out all the strength and weakness. Concentrate on your weakness to improvise it and focus on your strength to deliver the best.
  • Not all 3 test sections of the GRE was given equal weightage. Focus on the test section score that owes you an extra weightage for admissions.
  • Practice makes a man perfect. Practice the skills you need more focus on.
  • Always stick to the subject while preparation. Get a thorough knowledge on the test syllabus and prepare accordingly.

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Things to be remembered for GMAT Preparation

  • GMAT has four test sections : Verbal, Analytical Writing, Quantitative and Integrated Reasoning.  
  • Check on the business schools for score requirements, deadlines for scores submission and University code. 
  • Choose your business schools of interest and set a target score. Setting up the target will help you to move towards your goal. Always set up the destination and move towards it.
  • Check with the test syllabus and gather the practice materials.
  • Concentrate more on the section which needs improvement. Practice the skills and take up all the tests to analyze your level of improvement in each tests.
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis and focus on the strengths and weakness. Practice hard to maximize your scores.
  •  Prepare a schedule for each test section. Compare your practice test scores and the desired test scores and plan accordingly.

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For Free online GMAT preparation resources refer the link:

After the preparation look for the exam dates and apply to the nearest date. However you have prepared well for the test, it is always important to keep your mind calm and relaxed to perform well. Then after you have to prepare for interview, read about common MBA Interview Tips