Global Top 20 Universities for Agricultural Science

April 2020, 24

Agricultural Science is a multidisciplinary field of biology that deals with the natural, economic and social aspects as well as the practice and understanding of agriculture. As such, many institutions worldwide provide excellent education when it comes to agriculture sciences. Top 20 of this list is as follows,

1. Wageningen University and Research [Netherlands]

The only university in the Netherlands to focus specifically on the theme ‘healthy food and living environment’, Wageningen University is a pioneer in this field which works closely with the government and business community. Every year they provide a wide variety of courses in Bachelors and Masters in various fields like Environmental Sciences, Animal Sciences and Food Technology.

2. University of California, Davis [US]

UCD offers a huge array of majors in various fields. As for agricultural sciences, we have the AEE, or the Agricultural and Environmental Education Major. It’s course objective is to make students aware of the natural and social sciences pertaining to the topic. It goes from basics to advanced and even has specialization courses.

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3. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences [Sweden]

Number 3 on the list, The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences provides an extremely impressive array of majors in anything and everything related to agriculture. To name a few would be Agricultural Research, Forest Ecology and Management, Landscape Architecture, Soil and Environment and much more.

4. Agro, ParisTech [France]

One of the founding members of the largest multidisciplinary European campus, University of Paris Saclay, Agro ParisTech offers engineering, masters and research options for a lot of fields pertaining to the agriculture scenario. One of the five of its major branches is the Agronomy, Forestry, Water and Environmental Science and Technology, which is a core aspect when learning about agricultural sciences.

5. ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology [Switzerland]

The Swiss Federal Institute may not provide a hardcore agriculture major but it does provide sub-topic majors including Bio systems Engineering, Earth Sciences and Environmental Systems Science. This is among the top 5 because of the top class research and resources available here when in pursuit of the said topics.

6. Cornell University [US]

Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences provide top class resources, facilities and technology in the field of agricultural Sciences. A multidisciplinary institute with ongoing research, CALS offers graduate and undergraduate degrees every year. As one of the Ivy League Universities, Cornell’s education is the best.

7. University of California, Berkeley [US]

UCB is a public research university in Berkeley, California. Among all the colleges in UCB is the College of Natural Resources which has departments that focus on agriculture, including Agriculture and Resource Economics, Environmental Science, Policy and Management etc. A tier one university, it gives more of its courses for undergraduate programs.

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8. University of Wisconsin-Madison [US]

The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a pioneer in the field of research, working across a spectrum of Agricultural matters. They provide research, undergraduate and graduate courses in the same with projects, research assistant ships and much more.  

9. University of Reading [UK]

A public university located at Berkshire, University of Reading offers a number of degrees pertaining to agriculture science. Some of the departments here include the Center for Agri-Environmental Research, Farm Management Unit, Center for Agricultural Strategy etc.

10. China Agricultural University [China]

Agriculture is one of the many specializations of the China Agricultural University. It gives out many programs, for both graduate and undergraduate studies, annually. The College of Agriculture and Biotechnology provides a wide range of options for departments some of which are the Department of Agriculture Science, Department of Crop Genetics & Breeding, Department of Plant Pathology etc. 

11. Michigan State University [US]

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources under the Michigan State University provides over 20 programs in undergraduate degree alone. All these are managed under 4 areas of study which are Agriculture, Built Environments, Human Health and Natural Resources. Thus encompassing all the aspects that make up the agricultural science.

12. Purdue University [US]

Although small by comparison, the College of Agriculture of the Purdue University offers over 31 different majors with 54 educational options. It also has remarkable facilities, international learning and research options as well.

13. University of Copenhagen [Denmark]

The oldest university and research institute of Denmark, University of Copenhagen offers a wide variety of masters, undergraduate and graduate degrees. One of which is the Master of Science in Agriculture. It is a broad program that is targeted to instill the values and knowledge necessary to tackle the problems faced in the field of agriculture.

14. Norwegian University of Life Sciences [Norway]

 2005 it was called the Norwegian College of Agriculture. It merged with the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science to form the University of Life Sciences of the present. This means that the Agricultural studies are its staple and as such they offer excellent degrees on the topic.

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15. University of Hohenheim [Germany]

One of the best countries to study, Germany’s resident major university that offers the best Agricultural Sciences course is the University of Hohenheim. Every year a variety of majors for Bachelors, Masters and double Masters degree is provided in the Agricultural Sciences disciples.

16. University of British Columbia [Canada]

UCB is split into two campuses, Vancouver and Okanagan. All the courses provided by the university is split among the campuses. Thus between the two of them, The University of British Columbia provides a wide array of natural sciences related courses.

17. The University of Queensland [Australia]

 the various schools in the University of Queensland is the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation. A research oriented campus who are the world leaders in the ongoing bio-agricultural research.Among

18. Iowa State University [US]

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University provides a wide range of majors involving agriculture, including and not limited to Agricultural Biochemistry, Agricultural Business, Agronomy, Animal Sciences etc.

19. A&M University [US]

When it comes to Texas A&M University, they’ve got more than one department that is involved with Agriculture Sciences. Two of which are Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications and the Department of Agricultural Economics.

20. University of Guelph [Canada]

The Food and Agriculture section in the University of Guelph offers more than 10 different majors to choose from. Some of which are Agriculture, Animal Science, Food Science etc.

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