MS - Crucial Application Steps !!!!!

April 2020, 24

The application process for MS necessitates a crucial checklist to be followed. The success of the application depends on numerous factors and one of the important steps is following a proper schedule to execute the different steps involved in the application process.

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Below mentioned is a list of various steps in the application process in a chronological order :

1) University and Course Shortlisting ( After a careful analysis of interest, profile, funding and career opportunities)

2) Writing GRE and TOEFL examinations

3)Sending additional score reports ( to other than the previously chosen 4 Institutions)

4) Drafting an outstanding Statement of Purpose ( SOP)

5) Receiving consent for the Letters of Recommendation from Professor/ and or employer. 

6) Submitting the applications online 

6) Selection of the University based on the basis of admits received.

7) Visa Interviews 

8) Whoa!!! Now pack the bags and join your dream University. 

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In our coming blogs, we will cover each step of the application process in detail. Stay tuned and all the best for your higher education dream.