Things to carry to USA for Masters from your home country

April 2020, 24

Usually while we are moving to a new location for education, we used to carry a lot of stuffs with us in order to escape homesickness and keeping in mind the quality of food in college hostel. But while locating to country like USA, Australia, Germany etc. we are allowed to carry certain things of allocated weigh scale.

In this blog we gonna look into few things to be carried while pursuing masters at USA.


  • The baggage allowance is 23kgs each for 2 suitcases during check-in, a carry-on cabin bag of 8kgs and a laptop bag or wallet.
  • Daily wear clothes, formals, casuals, belts, shoes, jacket etc.
  • Sometimes shoes and jackets can also be purchased there on sale at a very cheap rates.
  • Utensils including pressure cooker and frying pan.
  • Rice, dal and masala can be brought there so that extra weight is avoided.
  • Personal care items such as toothbrush, a soap for one time use, hair oil, comb, safety pins, mini scissors, knife, nail cutter, a pocket mirror etc.
  • Medical records, tablets for cold, headache, eyeglasses or contact lens.
  • Blankets and bedspreads, handkerchiefs, towels etc.
  • Electronic gadgets such as mobile phone, laptop, headphones, charger can be carried.

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