Things to carry from your native country to USA

April 2020, 25

One of the greatest feelings for a student is when all the hardwork and dedication put up over the last few months, be it getting a good GRE and TOEFL (or IELTS) score, or selecting the best universities for your profile reaps results and translates into an offer letter from University!



So, the hardest hurdle has been overcome, Application form! But, trust us, the journey between getting an offer letter from your dream university to boarding the flight is not usually a cakewalk and requires intense planning! In this article, we are going to recommend the necessary things that should be carried alongside you in order to better acclimatize you to the new environment and allow you to adapt better to foreign conditions and atmosphere!

While you are going for masters, keep these things in mind to carry them to USA from your native country

  • The baggage allowance is 50 lbs (23kgs) each for 2 suitcases during check-in and a carry-on cabin bag of 15 lbs (7kgs). Most flights have restricted the provision to carry a separate laptop bag and have started becoming very stringent on the total weight limit allowed to be carried in the cabin. (Some flights also provide an additional luggage free-of-charge to students)
  • The dimensions of check-in bag varies for each flight but broadly speaking, the maximum size per piece of baggage is restricted to 56cm X 45cm X 25cm.
  • Extra luggage, if required, should be booked in advance on-line and can save upto 50% (on most flights) for the first extra suitcase.
  • Make sure to go through the list of prohibited items from the check-in bag (power banks for instance) and carry-on cabin bags (lotions and ointments greater than 100mL)
  • Carry utensils like pressure cooker and frying pan. Try to have ones compatible with induction cooking.
  • Carry a lot of spices! That is one thing that is very scarce outside India.
  • Fruits, rice and seeds are amongst the few items that are very strictly checked at customs.
  • Carry power adapters to support gadgets from your country on different conditions of voltage.
  • Over the counter medications can be carried while a few may require prescription. It is recommended to carry them in the hand luggage.
  • Blankets and bedspreads, pillow covers, handkerchiefs, towels etc. should be carried
  • Carry an extra pair of glasses or lens in case you wear them! The costs for them is abnormally high even after insurance. 
  • Personal care items such as toothbrush, soap, hair oil, comb, safety pins, mini scissors, knife, nail cutter, a pocket mirror etc. can be carried in the check-in luggage.
  • Items like hangers, detergents, etc. are easily available at local stores like Walmart and HEB
  • Don’t forget to carry some local currency of the destination country! Some currency can be easily obtained from authorized banks at a very nominal premium. (Exchange rates at airports might be a little higher)

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