SECTION 221 (g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act

April 2020, 25

Getting an acceptance offer letter from one of the foreign universities and knowing the important visa application documents, you are set to pursue higher education is a dream come true for many! There is an eternal sense of joy and intense packing and planning to embrace the journey to a new destination!

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For some applicants though, the moment of happiness is short-lived as the United States Consulate (USCIS) or another government agency may put a hold on visa allotment and may hand the candidate with a pink or blue slip citing ineligibility for VISA under 221 (g). This usually indicates failure to provide some document(s) or requirement of a further scrutinization to process your application. Although, the specific color may not mean anything, however, as a common practice, it is believed that the blue handout corresponds to the requirement of additional documents while the pink document just reflects that no action is required on the part of the candidate and it is just the Consulate that needs additional time for further administrative processing.

The status of these cases can be retrieved online by visiting the link below:

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While any applicant can be given form 221 (g), our historical records have indicated that candidates pursuing higher studies in engineering disciplines related to chemical engineering, nuclear engineering and aerospace engineering are the most vulnerable candidates to receive this form! We advise you to cooperate with the consular office and keep a margin of atleast 8 to 10 weeks to allow the consulate office to diligently monitor your candidature and process your application after satisfactory review!

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