All you need to know about the universities-Stanford University

April 2020, 25


David Packard Building

350 Serra Mall

Stanford, CA 94305

Phone: (650) 723-3931

About the university:

Stanford University being the leading educational institution is the best choice for doing masters. Various masters degree courses has been offered like Master of Science, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Liberal Arts, Engineering, Master of Legal studies, Master of Law, Master of Business Administration, Master of Public policy,Master of Science of Law.

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Courses offered:

Various MS courses has been offered both full-time, part-time/online, dual and joint MS and Coterm.

Full-time MS

In full-time course the students must take a minimum of 45 course units as follows:

Three core courses (9-12 units)

A primary or specialized concentration (12-24 units)

One project course or two integrated project courses (0-8 units)

Elective courses (1-24 units).

The areas of specialty in full time courses are:

Financial analytics, Operations and Analytics, Technology and Engineering Management, Computational social science, Decision and Risk analysis, Energy and Environment and finally Health systems modelling.

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The part time/online MS

In this, the students can do their course through HCP(Honors Cooperative Program). This is quite long time program in which the students can take one or two courses per academic quarter. The HCP student can visit the university anytime to clarify their doubts. They can remit their fees and can access their course materials through ‘mystanfordconnection’ account.

The benefit of this program is that the students has the same rights and responsibilities as a full-time residential student.

The dual and joint MS program

This program offers dual master for the students with a total of 90 units.

Coterminal Masters

The coterminal degree program provides Stanford undergraduates an opportunity to work simultaneously toward a B.S. in Management Science and Engineering or another quantitative major, and an M.S. in Management Science and Engineering.

Fee structure

The tuition fees varies with the duration of the course completion and the course chosen.

This link guides with the course and accommodation fees.

Eligibility for applicants

To get applied the student must possess a bachelor’s degree from U.S or from a reputed university. Students with technical, physical science or mathematics background can apply. GRE scores are not compulsory to secure admission. TOEFL scores are strictly considered for admissions. Students should meet the Stanford’s minimum TOEFL requirements.

For students without minimum TOEFL requirements should take placement exams or classes to fulfill their English proficiency requirement.

The application timeline is between

Mid-September till first week of December.

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Stanford Certificate and online courses  

The department of Management Science and Engineering offers various online certificate courses for professionals through Stanford Center for Professional Development(SCPD). The students can apply through Non Degree Option and can take individual courses or 15 course units which later count towards the master's degree.

The tuition fee ranges from $249 - 1,295 per course, depending on the program.

Tuition includes 60-day access to course content. Courses may be started at any time and are available 24/7.

This link guides with the SCPD admissions and courses.

Student’s service center

The students have a wide exposure through the Student’s service center.

The Student Services Center's Vision is to enrich the student experience through collaborative outreach, communication programs, innovative solutions, and by educating and empowering staff.

Overall the students will be having a nice exposure and a standardized master's degree.

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Notable alumni:

Sundar Pichai, Chelsea Clinton and Jennifer Katharine Gates.