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April 2020, 25

University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

Contact details:

About the University

The university was founded in the year 1867 which pioneers in research programs everything from agriculture and architecture to veterinary medicine and zoology.

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Courses offered

The university offers various programs in fields comprising engineering, law, business, fine and applied arts, media, applied health, education, the liberal arts and sciences, library sciences, and social work.

College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

This institute offers research initiatives in bioenergy, biotechnology, integrated landscapes, environmental sustainability, food and agricultural systems, global climate change, family resiliency, public policy, and more.

College of Applied Health Sciences

The mission of this institute offer hands for research programs to ensure the healthy livable communities.

Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

The institute is formed to overcome the limitations between the traditional scientific and technological discipline and to promote advanced research.

Beckman's research areas are

Integrative Imaging

Intelligent systems

Molecular science and Engineering

Gies College of Business

Gies college encourage its students with broad thinking creating future leaders to lead teams.

Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

The institute is dedicated to transformative genomic research in life sciences to address societal issues in the areas of food security, energy, health, technology, and environmental conservation.

College of Education

The College of Education prepares courageous leaders, passionate educators encouraging innovation in educational research and practices.

College of Fine and Applied Arts

This college addresses collaborative social challenges with their focus on areas of visual, design and environmental arts.

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering offers students with their vibrant engineering courses which are ranked among other engineering programs in the world.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The college of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers an incredible depth across the physical and mathematical sciences, humanities, and social and behavioral sciences.

School of Information Sciences

School programs are meant for enhancing career with wide range of choices. There are both online and on-campus courses, so that students can choose according to their interest.

School of Labor and Employment Relations

The Labor and Employment Relations holds a title as a premier course for Human Resources and Industrial relations helping their students to enhance their careers in Human Resource management.

College of Law

The mission is to educate students effectively and comprehensively in legal principles and skills; and to advance justice and the public good.

The Carle Illinois College of Medicine

The College of Medicine's mission and vision revolves around 4Cs such as Compassion, Competence, Curiosity and Creativity, fusing medicine, engineering and humanity for an innovative future.

College of Media

The college of Media trains their students in developing creative, strategic, informative, accurate and entertaining content through media platforms.

School of Social Work

The School of Social Work promotes the values of the social work profession through its commitment to diversity and social justice.

College of Veterinary Medicine

The program covers animal, human and environmental health to address most critical programs of the world.

Division of General Studies

DGS helps first year students with exploration of various courses for their path to graduation.

UIUC Online and Site based programs

Many programs are offered online and online with some campus visits. It varies with the course chosen. The link given below helps to choose the mode based on the course of choice.

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Applying for admission

The students can apply by creating a profile via the link

Minimum requirements and other details regarding LOR, Financial aid and FAQs can be referred through this link

Competitive test score requirements

TOEFL score(paper based exam) -Greater than 610

TOEFL score(Internet based exam)-Greater than 102

TOEFL score(Computer based exam)-Greater than 253

TOEFL scores required UIUC's code of 1836.

IELTS score-Greater than 7.0

GRE and GMAT score requirements is determined by the specific program and department. For department websites use the link

Fee structure

The fee for graduate students is based on their Illinois's residency status, the course of choice, the amount of credit and range of enrollment.

Other than tuition fee various fee are collected as instructional costs which covers the computer equipment usage, laboratory equipment and supplies and musical instruments for practice.

The link guides the fee structure for 2018-19.

Financial aid and scholarships

The university provides financial aid for 79% of students with financial support.

Types of aids:




Campus Job boards


Other aids

Applying for financial aid:

  1. The student should apply to the university before applying for financial aid.
  2. Then the student should complete the FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid for each academic year.
  3. The University of Illinois Federal School code is 001775.
  4. After completing FAFSA, document verification need to be done.


Scholarships are gift aid which are not usually repaid by the students. The students excelling in their academics, sports are awarded with scholarships.

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Types of scholarships:

Merit based scholarships

University of Illinois scholarships

Federal and State scholarships

Outside scholarships


UIUC offers their students with University Housing with various services available for the part of the school year.

They have a central spot for My Housing services through which the students can login and choose the services they wish to opt for.

The move-in of new students to campus housing can be referred in the below link.

Other than accommodation, there are some common Challenges Faced while Studying Abroad

Job opportunities

The career site of UIUC helps students with getting part-time jobs, full time jobs and internships during their course of graduation and after the graduation.

The Handshake @ Illinois is campus wise recruiting platform with more than thousands of jobs and internships posted annually.

Notable Alumni

Larry Ellison, Erika Harold, Jack Welch, David Blackwell, Stephen Moore, Cheryl Burton.

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