MIM – Masters in Management

April 2020, 25

Taking up a successful career in management field is a strong desire for many people. It is not easy to get into business or entrepreneurship without the complete knowledge on management, analytical and statistical skills. To acquire the business knowledge MBA is the choice for master's degree. But recent trend shows up a similar course on a much cheaper price and with enormous benefits. Upon wondering what is that course, it is named as MIM - Masters in Management.

On thinking about MIM, there are many questions arising in mind on what is MIM, why MIM, the admission procedures, the top universities, the fee structure, the career options and average salary. This blog serves an answer for what is MIM, why MIM and the eligibility requirements.

What is MIM?

MIM is a premium master’s degree in management for skilled young graduates, who are ambitious to kick start their careers. The degree focuses on varied business aspects providing a complete knowledge of Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Consulting, Finance and other business skills. The course is otherwise called as Masters of Science in Management or Masters in International Management. Though this premium course has its origin in Europe, it is gaining attention in many American, Asian and Canadian Universities.

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Why MIM?

The answer to this question relies on several aspects, which describes its unique characteristics.

● A predecessor and a cheaper alternative for MBA.

● MIM helps students to develop managerial, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

● MIM is an internationally oriented course.

● The course requires little or no work experience.

● Young graduates interested in business and management can take up the course.

● Students interested in management with non-management background can also take up this course.

● The course helps the students to experience versatile managerial skills development.

● MIM develop student’s skills using analytical modules and case studies.

Eligibility Requirements

As discussed above, MIM is open for young talents, and for non-management background students. Though the course is open for all, there are certain eligibility requirements as discussed below:

● The average age of a person to apply for MIM is 23 years.

● A student with good academic records, a bachelor’s degree and language skills are essential.

● A GMAT score of 600 is must required for admission of MIM in top business schools. However, some schools accept either GRE or GMAT and some business schools conduct admission interview and assigns 50% weightage to the interview performance.

● The course requires no work experience and focuses on young business minds. People with several years of work experience are not generally preferred.

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We have known what is MIM and why to choose MIM. It doesn't end here and there is lot of topics to be known regarding MIM. To know the course structure, the duration and fees structure refer our next blog.

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