Masters in Management (MIM) Prospectus

April 2020, 25

So far, in the previous blog, we have discussed about what is MIM, why MIM and the eligibility requirements. There are much more questions to be answered around like the course structure, duration of course and the most important is the tuition fee structure. As an answer for all this questions, the topics mentioned above are discussed in detail.

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Course Structure

    The initial phase of the degree is dedicated for the core papers. The students are trained on the foundation of the management, analytical skills, statistical skills, interpersonal skills, intercultural management, accounting, marketing, risk analysis and corporate law.

These topics provide an in-depth knowledge on the business and serves as great foundation to understand how a business works.

    The second phase is dedicated for the electives and specializations. Accounting and control, International business and Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Family enterprise, Economics and Political Science, Data Analytics, Human Resources, Media management, Organizational behavior, Consulting, Sustainable development, Decision science and Technology and Operations Management are courses offered as electives. The electives are picked by the students on their choice of interest and career plans.

    Some business schools offer dual and exchange degree programs. These programs are basically designed for students to get dual degrees on the single course period with parent school's partner university. HEC Paris has 15 dual degree programs. The exchange programs does not offer an extra degree but the students can get exchanged to another university where they can experience a different culture and professional life.

Course duration

    The course has a flexible duration. Some business schools offer 1 year as the course period and some offer 2 years course duration - one year for core and one year for specialization and electives. Some business schools offer a period of extension for internships as in HEC Paris. On an average, the course duration is 18 months which varies from school to school.

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Fee structure

    The fee structure of MIM in the business schools are comparatively minimum when compared to other Management Master's degrees.

    The average cost of MIM ranges between $10,000 to $35,000 USD a year, which varies from school to school.

While the German schools are cost effective, the fee in American and European schools may not fit your budget.

    On the other hand, scholarships are offered for students and it allows fresh graduates to escape from their student debt. After the course completion, the students set their dream career with top employers and their Return on Investment is comparatively higher than other master's degrees.

The detailed fee structure and scholarships of every top business schools will be detailedly discussed in the upcoming blog along with their admission procedures.