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April 2020, 25

IELTS scores are required for Master's admissions in most of the universities abroad. This blog lists out the sources available for IELTS preparation and exams.

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Best websites for IELTS preparation


 An official website for IELTS preparation with sample questions, IELTS practicals tips and information. The website also helps in locating the test centres.

  • IELTS-simon

 The site is from an ex-IELTS examiner. This site offers IELTS lesson for the day and quite amount of free sample questions helpful for preparation. Subscription to this site helps the students to get their lessons in their inbox.

  • IELTS Buddy

 The IELTS Buddy helps the students with Vocabulary and Grammatical skills required for the examination with downloadable materials.

  • Magoosh

 The website is quite popular for IELTS preparation with video tutorial, application for developing IELTS vocabulary and various blogs helping students with exam preparation and tips.

  • IELTS Liz YouTube channel

 Students prefer to learn in a video format can follow this YouTube channel for IELTS preparation. The students are trained in all the 4 skills and even in IELTS vocabulary.

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  • IH London blog

 IH London, an IELTS exam centre gives precise and direct tips on IELTS preparation and trains on vocabulary skills.

Other Resources

Some websites offer IELTS preparation lessons for students with all the necessary materials and test samples. This section lists out the free sources available on the internet.

  • IELTS for Free

  • EngVid

  • The British Council

  • Self Study Materials


  • IELTS Materials

  • IELTS Mentor

  • Writers Campus

  • IELTS Materials Android Application

  • Road to IELTS

  • Careers360

  • IELTS Guru

  • IELTS Essentials

  • World of English Exams

  • E2 IELTS

  • IELTS Advantage

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