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Gone have the days when you waited long for post or pigeon. The era has modernized now and each information is available electronically. On a touch or click of a button, your device’s screen is filled with lots of data. You do not need to run hither and there, they are present on the tip of fingers. Video lectures, mock series, webinars, virtual one to one meetings, flashcards, etc are available online for free as well as paid. You can avail any one of them. These will assist you to get a proper idea about the content of the test and how successfully you can do GRE prep.

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Over here comprise a list of GRE tests that can be availed for free. Before you move on to the list, you might be unable to take all these exams. Through GRE practice is essential, but it will require a lot of time. So plan accordingly and if possible, go through their website before enrolling there.


Educational Testing Services (ETS) does not set any age, qualification, and time related pre-requisites but it depends on the universities you are applying.


Any time of the year by making an appointment with the closest GRE exam center.

It can be taken once every 21 days up to five times in a continuous rolling 12 month period.


The registration fee to take the GRE is $205 i.e., INR 13,500.

An extra charge of $50 is applicable if you reschedule the test.


GRE is unrelated to any particular disciple or field but has been designed to evaluate the skills you acquired over the years. The examination pattern consists of three sections: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning.

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Typically, it is supposed that freely available tests over the internet are less productive and won't improve you in the long run. Yet, there are many GRE websites which helps you perform better and give a rough idea of the examination you are going to appear.

IMPORTANT: Your score should range from 130 to 170 per section.

Mention underneath is some of the top GRE practice tests that are free:

1. ETS PowerPrep GRE Practice Test:

They offer you free online practice tests that cover all the analytical writing tasks, verbal reasoning questions, quantitative reasoning questions with answer keys. They set a similar question patter as the GRE test. You will figure out how the calculator works, flag questions and return to them later.

2. CrunchPrep GRE Practice Test:

They provide a set of quality questions that are extremely close to the GRE and mimic the real test. At the end of the test, they will provide a comprehensive analysis of your performance on the basis of skill data, question analysis, and performance review.

3. TestIzen GRE Practice TestKap:

If you are focusing on test series and do not need preparation videos etc, this is the best place to look up for. They have paid test series and short practice tests from a variety of different companies in their free market place.

4. Manhattan GRE Practice Test:

They provide a test-taking experience similar to the real GRE. They have up-to-date questions content reflects. The results obtained after practicing, analyze your performance that will take you a step closer to your dream.

5. Kaplan GRE Practice Test:

They are similar to Manhattan Prep counterpart and have really good question quality. Their tests are regarded as one of the toughest practice tests. In fact, their questions are more challenging than GRE that helps you for better scores.

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6. Princeton Review GRE Practice Test:

They are similar to Manhattan Prep test but the questions are comparatively easier. Their questions quality is good. Consequently, you will score little higher marks than normal.!practice

7. Khan Academy:

This is a great place to gather knowledge about anything and everything. The videos present on the website will explain completely and about the topics you are having trouble with. The teachers are supportive, and they identify students’ gaps and instruct them with whatever needs possible.   

8. ETS Essay Topic Pools, Argument and Issue:

You can enter an entire pool of tasks provided by ETS from which the essay prompt will be chosen. This means that you can find a topic related to your examination. So practicing these essays will automatically prepare for the one in the test.

9. Quizlet:

Here you can obtain thousands of flashcards made by students for the GRE. They cover Maths, Vocab, etc and help you learn from the experienced students.

10.Magoosh’s GRE Vocabulary Flashcards:

These also use vocabulary flashcards covering more than 1000 of the most important GRE vocab words.



  • The Magoosh GRE Blog
  • The CrunchPrep GRE Blog

These two blogs are unquestionably good and guide on a regular basis. The materials available here are free and can be accessible anything. They are handly and can be read while traveling. These blogs can be your long-time friend not till your GRE Exam.

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They will be precisely a one-time investment but can be read offline. Following are the recommended books:

1. Magoosh GRE Book

2. ETS’s The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test, 3rd Edition.

3. ETS’s Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions & Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice questions

4. PowerPrep and PowerPrep Plus

5. Barron’s 6 GRE Practice Tests

6. Practicing to take the GRE General Test, 10th Edition

7. The Manhattan GRE Series (MGRE)- Books One Through Eight

8. Vibrant’s GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to Real Essay Topics Books