The Ultimate Blog List for Venture Capital Aspirants

May 2020, 2

The Private Equity and Venture Capital Industry in a hot field in the current era.

To excel in the VC industry, one must aim for a Pre-MBA. You could be graduated from university and then worked in investment banking, management consulting, or business development, sales, or product management at a startup for a few years.

The Ultimate VC Blog List - Venture University

  1. 500 Startups Blog
  2. Above the Crowd- Bill Gurley
  3. Become a Better Investor
  4. Both Sides of the Table - Mark Suster
  5. Essays- Paul Graham
  6. For Entrepreneurs - David Skok
  7. Hunter Walk of Homebrew Blog
  8. Matt Turck of FirstMark Blog
  9. Peak Ventures Blog
  10. The Angel VC - Christoph Janz, Point Nine Capital
  11. The Business of Venture Capital Blog
  12. The Venture Alley
  13. Tomasz Tunguz of Red Point Ventures Blog
  14. VatorNews
  15. Venture Hacks
  16. A Smart Bear - Jason Cohen
  17. AndrewChen.Co - Andrew Chen
  18. Benedict Evans of A16Z Blog
  19. CDixon Blog- Chris Dixon
  20. Feld Thoughts - Brad Feld
  21. Grow VC Group
  22. LifeSciVC
  23. Nanalyze
  24. Sam Altman Blog
  25. The Barefoot VC - Jalak Jobanputra, Future\Perfect Ventures
  26. The Gust Blog
  27. TheFunded.Com
  28. Travis Jamison of Moat Ventures Blog
  29. VC Adventure- Seth Levine
  30. Venture University
  31. a16z Blog
  32. AVC- Fred Wilson
  33. Boost VC - Medium
  35. First Round Review
  36. Hi, I'm David G. Cohen
  37. Mahesh VC
  38. Open Source Venture Capital - Frederic Destin
  39. Startup Funding Book Blog
  40. The BoisfonBlog- Carter Boisfontaine, Pegasus Tech Ventures
  41. The Twenty Minute VC
  42. This is Going to be BIG - Charlie O'Donnell, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures
  43. Underscore VC
  44. VentureBeat

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