MBA Package(6 Universities)

Profile Evaluation & Mentorship:

• Detailed profile analysis of the candidate which includes SWOT analysis defining career aspirations and self-reflection activities.

• Personalized career counseling sessions with the target university mentors

University Shortlisting & Fitment Analysis:

• Identifying right courses across universities and institutions in equilibration to career goals, personal aspirations, candidate profile, job opportunities, and future prospects

Profile Building & Goal Planning:

• Building a strong and prominent profile as per the university requirements

• Identifying career goals in accordance with the targeted course and university

Application Strategy & Assistance:

• Virtual application filling assistance powered with the expertise of the mentors

Document Support:

• Preparing a top-notch resume, SOP and LOR according to university requirements Interview

Preparation & Admission Support:

• Rigorous and thorough interview preparation

• Mock interview preparation by our experts

• Premium access to the related webinars

Scholarship Support:

• Scholarship application guidance with application review

• Document preparation support like SOP and LOR

Admit Analysis:

• Choosing the best fit by analyzing the admitted universities considering factors like location, job opportunities, climate and life at the university


• Visa Guidance

• Loan Guidance

• Accommodation Assistance

• Travel Assistance

• Forex Assistance

• Pre-departure Support

• Post-arrival Support

• Part-time Job Assistance

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